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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Napowrimo [01 Apr 2009|08:53pm]

National Poetry Writing month starts today. Last year I got a late start and didn't finish; I hope to do better this year.

I created an identi.ca group for it as well.

Anyone else doing it?

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Napowrimo #1 [01 Apr 2009|10:23pm]

it's tough and I
  get angry
 just to stay warm

while you're gone
  density over distance
 movers talk movies

the man in the pink suit
  kills me — why is he
 wearing a pink suit —

tells me — it ain't easy
  these crazy-eyed people
 with their cold wedding rings

waste the time I should've been
  writing about you — you're beautiful
                              this gets ugly

I see I'm too late
  a pink slip
 with bad annotations

arrived rumpled
  a long, lonesome shadow with
 just the right scruff.

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