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MBTA: A little privacy please [12 Mar 2009|05:29pm]

I don't really care that much about my contact information being easily available on the Internet, but other people care quite a lot about that and often for good reason.

As I'm still sorting out how to get my FreeRunner to decipher the MBTA's text message alerts (which are in an MMS format that gets presented to me as "This is a binary message," I decided to disable them for the time being.

I went to the page for changing subscription settings, and entered my email address, expecting to then have to enter a password. But no, there's no password. If you know someone's email address, you can just enter that and see their settings -- which likely include their cell phone number, alternate e-mail addresses, and zip code. Pretty handy stalker information when combined with seeing what specific subway lines and bus routes someone is monitoring. It's also inconsistent with the MBTA privacy policy.

They should probably rethink this.

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