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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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MimicCreme and Wikipedia [03 Dec 2008|11:07pm]

Today I wrote my first Wikipedia article, about MimicCreme, the nut-based vegan cream substitute. I haven't actually tried the stuff, but Mako pointed it out to me, and it seemed only natural (pun intended) that I write the article since I also sometimes edit the Cool Whip article. Note, however, that you cannot whip MimicCream (yet).

My favorite edit to the Cool Whip article so far has been this one, to remove:

In some countries Cool Whip will be know as '' Rat Whites'' because it is fluffy like the inside of the rat.In oldtimes in these fourign countries they really made Cool Whip with fresh rat whites, that is where they got the original name '' Rat Whites''.But no worry Rat Whites are no longer used in the making of Cool Whip. Or is it? We will never find out what is really in the recipe.

I should probably follow that with a [sic], or a [sick].

Six minutes after first saving the MimicCreme article, it was tagged for speedy deletion — despite the fact that it had an "under construction" tag at the top. This was especially amusing given that I had spent my commute this morning reading from Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky, and was somewhat inspired by this quote about the beginnings of Wikipedia:

The original asphalt article read, in full, "Asphalt is a material used for road coverings." The article was created in March 2001, at the dawn of Wikipedia, by a user named Cdani, as little more than a placeholder saying, "We should have an article on asphalt here." (118)

Things change, I guess. MimicCreme's no asphalt and my name isn't Cdani, but MimicCreme certainly is something weird that someone might want to look up, and it fits in several existing categories. However, I should also remember this quote from a few pages later:

The people most enamored of describing Wikipedia as the product of a free-form hive mind don't understand how Wikipedia actually works. It is the product not of collectivism but of unending argumentation. (139)

So I guess this is the start of the argument, about the significance or insignificance of MimicCreme in the universe, and whether Kosher should be capitalized in this context.

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