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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Red Line train tries to leave with doors still open [21 Oct 2008|07:22pm]

Here's the story behind the 6:27pm Red Line alert you might have received tonight. Except not really, because I have no idea what happened. All I know is that about 5 seconds after I got off the Braintree train at Downtown Crossing, the train started to pull away at an unusually high speed and lots of people were yelling STOP.

I looked back at the train — and the doors were still open.

They were definitely still open on the last car and I'm pretty sure they were open on other cars as well. People had been still trying to get on the train when it jerked away. It went over a third of the way down the platform before it stopped again. Probably almost halfway.

I hung around for a minute, but I was trying to catch a bus and no one seemed to be hurt, so I left. I'm looking forward to the explanation for this one. I mean what, foot slipped off the brake?

That was on the way back from Central after returning the first disc of Pushing Daisies — awesome show. On the way there from work, I saw a kid squeeze through the gate behind someone else without paying. This is a common occurrence but for some reason tonight it struck a nerve. I think the next kid I see do that is going to hear about it. Yes, getting crotchety, I know.

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