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Qtopia on the FreeRunner upgrade breakage and repair [28 Aug 2008|04:04pm]

Qtopia on FreeRunner
Originally uploaded by johnsu01

After doing an opkg upgrade on my FreeRunner yesterday, it quit booting. It would go through part of the boot process and then freeze on a blank screen with just a flashing cursor in the upper left-hand corner.

It seemed to be stuck at the S98qpe start stage. logread -f showed a looping mess of errors, notably:

Aug 28 17:59:59 om-gta02 user.notice Qtopia: 
qpe: symbol lookup error: qpe: undefined symbol: _ZN17QBluetoothAddress7invalidE

The binary upgrade script here fixed the problem. Use the "Qtopia update for Neo" script, but ignore the "Needs to be run from /opt/Nokia/Qtopia" instruction. It's actually designed to be run from your USB host machine, not the Neo at all. If you have changed the IP address of your Neo from the default, you'll need to fix that in this script as well. Read it before you run it.

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