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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Napowrimo #11 [23 Apr 2008|12:28am]


go to work
    read the Globe, the Metro,
          remember how briefly
    you read Boston NOW,
never forget

pay the toll

oh Dear God,
      don't run the Marathon,
          run for the bus,
                run for the train,

invite her to sit
      behind a post
          at the Regatta Bar

pay the toll

hit a kid on the Common
      with a Frisbee
          in the head,
                call her again

drip tahini all over the taxi
      make a scene, smoke
          on the sidewalk

bump into people
      who stop in the wrong

fail to find food
      late at night
          in the morning,
      get the mail,
which is wet

pay your bills,
      which are large
          maybe she'll answer
      this time

wave the short cue
      at the Field
          kick the door open
                make your shot

pay your bills
      which are large,
          get drunk no get
      to the library
  before it closes

get a coffee, regular,
      block the door,
          don't park.

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