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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Napowrimo #2 [07 Apr 2008|12:56am]

It's a life story, so
I want poems about places
you won't find me.
Not pigeons in the station or
wiping dust from old
page breaks covered
in coffee — roommates
stitched some bad movie
to the couch while
all I can do is say
it's broken and fall
into silence:

Wait, what did you mean exactly
by "poem"? The puddle
in the driver's seat means more or
four empty bottles
of Midas Touch on the table
"from some mid-level band",
Netflix wrappers and drink rings,
a massive overstock
of electronic bits that did
once work. Bury them in
French art books and German
newspapers and worry that later,
we'll try again. It's been
three years and the note
is still on the desk
where I stuck it —
"Don't make it look so easy"
like the squat crosshead
screwdriver making the Buddha
not to scale. Someone
taught me something once, and
I've been failing him ever since,
one line at a time.
Just blame this music,
it's the devil you know.

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Napowrimo #3 [07 Apr 2008|11:56pm]

"The chief business of the American people is business."
        — Calvin Coolidge

really financial faces,
black cars — "Where is
Bernanke taking us?"
Will we see two quarters
of negative growth?
It's tough out there
and I miss you
arguing about the color
of sweaters and things,
watching your "toaster
with pictures."

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