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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Boston bag searches [02 Feb 2007|01:55am]

In addition to being vigilant about our growing Lite Brite infestation, the MBTA is also still searching bags. They haven't found anything yet. You can still refuse the searches. You just have to leave the station immediately. I still don't understand the rules -- how long do you have to sit in the corner before you are allowed to join the adults back in the station again?

If you oppose the bag searches, you can vote in the Boston Globe poll to say so. It's kind of weird that they specify the reason that you oppose or support the searches, but I still voted No. In addition to privacy concerns, I would also vote No on the grounds of stupidity, inefficiency, resource tradeoff, and probably some others too.

Today's useful Boston Globe reading tip: block cookies from boston.com, and you won't ever be prompted to login. This messes up the voting in the poll, but for regular reading it's been working well.

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