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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Everybody laughs at Boston, again [31 Jan 2007|10:49pm]

Wherein our city discovers things with circuit boards and decides that they must be bombs and proceeds to more or less shut down. Turns out (Turners out?), these things are actually advertisements for a cartoon. Also, these devices had already been in place for two to three weeks.

Maybe different details will come to light, but right now I don't at all sympathize with the city in their complaint against Turner. Stop overreacting. This is what happens when you get everyone all worked up. I suggest a new motto for the MBTA to replace, "See something? Say something." How about, "See something? Shut up."

<johnsu01> I'm so embarrassed for boston today
<mra> a bunch of other cities had them too, 
      but only boston blew one up near as I can tell
<mra> I also like the quote from Patrick
<johnsu01> boston is all too willing to grind its 
           transportation system to a hault
<johnsu01> you don't have to ask us twice
<johnsu01> halt
<mra> hhehe
<mra> yea aint that the truth
<johnsu01> any other city would be like, "you can't 
           shut down the fucking highway!"
<johnsu01> we're like, "oh, you mean it was supposed 
           to be open today?"
<johnsu01> America's Walking City, baby.
<mra> the best part is the boston drivers were like... 
      meh okay detour
<mra> and their bosses similarly... ohh you were late 
      because of a traffic nightmare, alright

For more reporting and pictures, see boingboing.net. Here too. Apparently they have now arrested the guy who installed the devices.

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