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ERC for small screens [28 Jan 2007|09:57pm]
Sometimes I IRC from my phone (a Nokia E61 using Putty connecting to a screen session running ERC in Emacs). Nevermind whether this is a healthy thing to do or not. The screen is only 56 characters wide (give or take). This means that with the default ERC mode line, my channel activity notifications are too far to the right to be displayed. I find having the server name in the mode line to be unnecessary; I just want the channel name. (setq erc-mode-line-format "%t %a") does the trick and gets most notifications back on the screen.

But then there is still the long-winded away message format. I don't need to have the full timestamp there, so I'm just going to roll with (setq erc-mode-line-away-status-format "AWAY ").
That makes it easier to quickly check up on activity without having to unset and reset the away message.

Vertical space is also limited, and I don't usually need to see the channel topic. The channel name is already in the mode line. (setq erc-header-line-format nil) gets rid of it entirely.
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