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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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TCB [06 Sep 2006|09:17am]
Today is a TCB day. Business will be handled with grim determination and a steely eyed stare.

How do things manage to pile up like this? If I owe you a letter or a phone call, look out and listen up. My people will be talking to your people. I'm sorry I don't have time for lunch.

There are articles that need to be finished (at least to the next draft), poems to be edited, a home to be cleaned (why don't you unpack from your trip two weeks ago you ingrate), laundry to be done or at least dented, a trip to Michigan and we hope Toronto to plan, bugs to fix, code to be refactored (I'm looking at you, delicious-el) and also released (tg.py), Nations to read -- the paper is yellowing -- and most importantly a large amount of still to sit (during which thou shalt not contemplate retreat plans).

What got into you? "Stay out of Malibu, deadbeat!"

"The countdown has been so smooth, the launch crew can hardly believe it."

It all begins with a nap. At least I'm almost caught up with emacs-devel, and I'm down with Debian's many definitions of firmware. "Head games, it's you and me baby..." So yeah, at least I have my priorities. Without them, I'm, uh, me.
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A Fung Wah incident [06 Sep 2006|09:57am]

A Fung Wah bus rolled over en route from Boston to NYC yesterday.

No one died, but thirty-five people were injured.

"A preliminary investigation reveals that speed was a factor in the accident."

Since it rolled over all by itself, just "attempting to exit off Route 290", that seems likely.

I know many people are still ardent believers, but the evidence continues to mount.

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Defective By Design [06 Sep 2006|11:13am]

Some updates from the Defective By Design campaign:

  • I syndicated the feed here, so you can add fsf_dbd to your Friends list to keep up.
  • October 3rd has been declared a Day Against DRM.
  • Fun story about us in the current Weekly Dig
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