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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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At JFK early in the morning [18 Aug 2006|07:34am]
I just saw one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. While sitting in a circular JetBlue gate area at JFK after finishing the first leg of my redeye back from San Francisco, a middle-aged man went lumbering by, at almost running speed. He seemed kind of out of control. The entrance to the gate area is a ramp down, and it was like he had picked up a bunch of speed there and wasn't about to stop. You know how people say that walking is falling and catching yourself over and over? That's what this guy was doing; leaning forward at a severe angle. A few people had been running by, because a couple of flights were about to leave.

But if this guy -- a big guy -- was trying to hit the entrance to his gate, he missed. He smacked right into a wall without slowing down at all and fell over. The stuff he was carrying, which included a bunch of red grapes, went flying. People jumped up and yelled for security to come over. Security was strangely unaware of the situation, even though about thirty other people had witnessed it. They came over and radioed for help. The guy was flat on his back in between rows of seats. He picked his head up a bit and blood was streaming down his face. There was blood all over the wall. Before anyone arrived to help the guy other than the one security guard, a couple of custodians showed up and started cleaning up the blood. I guess there was some on the seats too.

This happened right next to a children's play area, so all the kids came out to look. They were staring and their parents didn't pull them away.

This was weird enough that I should have jumped up and run out of there. I'm not about to attempt to provide first aid to a dude that just ran himself into a wall. Someone like that might just bite you and not let go. Fortunately he did not have a bomb strapped to him (or any bottles of water).

People showed up to help the guy. He looked to be unconscious. I got up and went to my gate for boarding.
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The Silver Line Gets Charlied [18 Aug 2006|09:57am]
Taking the Silver Line home from the airport. It now has a Charlie card reader that can also take bills.

A Boston bus with equipment designed to accept dollars? This is revolutionary. Soon the days of drivers cramming dollar bills into a compartment in the coin machine with a paint stirring stick will just be memories.

As usual, the diagram for how to insert the card in the machine is totally wrong.
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