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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Michael Palmer [05 Jul 2006|05:29pm]

Amazon really needs to figure out a way to differentiate authors who have the same name.

I'm getting tired of recommendations for Michael Palmer made because I have purchased books by Michael Palmer.

I will read every book by the latter. I will never even consider reading any book by the former. Big difference. In this case, people who buy lots of books by one of the Michael Palmers should probably be disrecommended from buying books by the other Michael Palmer.

Compare the two excerpts. From, Michael Palmer (novelist), Fatal:

From college, through medical school and residency, and now into his life as an internist, it had always been a chore for Matt to shut his mind down enough to fall asleep—but not nearly the challenge of subsequently waking up. Laura Williams knew this trait of his as well as any nurse, having worked with him in the ER of Montgomery County Regional Hospital for two years before his decision to switch over to private practice.

(yes, I typed that correctly)

From Michael Palmer, Company of Moths, Dream of a Language that Speaks:


Sluicing ink onto snow?
     I’m tired, Gozo,

tired of the us/ not us,
     of the factories of blood,

tired of the multiplying suns
     and tired of colliding with

the words as they appear
     without so much as a “by your leave,”

without so much as a greeting.
     The more suns the more dark —

is it not always so —
     and in the gathering dark

Ghostly Tall and Ghostly Small
     making their small talk

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