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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Music software and volume metadata [19 Jun 2006|02:00am]

There's a lot of cool GNU/Linux music-playing programs out there. Some of them keep track of your preferences so that you can hear your favorite songs more often in otherwise random mixes, or even strive to balance preferences between multiple listening users.

But I think somebody should start tracking volume changes. This is useful information. If I crank up the volume on a particular tune, it should record that fact. This would count for something in the preference scoring department, and would also enable the building of playlists like, "rock me" or, "me sleep now".

I thought about this when GZA's "Duel of the Iron Mic" came on, and I cranked the headphones up.

Hm, but now Lauryn Hill is on and I'm leaving the volume up, but I'm not going to turn it any higher because my ears will bleed. So maybe what we need to keep track of is the average volume over a session, and then the deviation for each song from that average.

Perhaps then the volume could automatically change with the song.

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Near cheesecake miss [19 Jun 2006|11:44pm]

That was close. The vegan cheesecake to which I gave my evening turned on me, and I had to put it down to save myself. Seriously, I haven't lost control of anything in the oven like that in a long time. Stuff was spilling, crusting, billowing, popping, and hurling epithets every time I opened the oven door to peek. I'm pretty sure the pie snorted the corn starch when I wasn't looking. Stuff must be like PCP for pastries. Since when does cheesecake rise? Since it evolved legs.

Back to the drawing board on that one. It's a shame too, because I need a dessert for tomorrow night. Looks like I'll be picking up a pie at Whole Paycheck tomorrow morning and hanging my head in shame.

Perhaps the cheesecake was agitated, like me, because the Oilers were in the process of losing Game 7, while the battle raged on in the oven. I wasn't a big Oilers fan going in, but I enjoyed watching them in the playoffs and was really pulling for them in the finals — though, it wasn't a tough choice over Carolina (WHICH Carolina?).

Off to deal with the gelatinous mess in my kitchen, which also unfortunately tastes horrid. If you were to mix 5 parts Vaseline with 1 part lemon juice and splatter it all over a baking sheet ensnaring bits of crust against the metal like failed Ghostbusters, you'd be about where I'm at right now.

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