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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Yo Whole Paycheck [08 Jun 2006|12:05am]

Thanks for selling me that juice, which expired on 2006.02.17, today.

At least it was on sale.


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Mobile poem [08 Jun 2006|08:25pm]
Two seniors stare down
Stock Exchange spill
orange drink lightly
on sidewalk wonder,
"Do you think
they'll let us in?"
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Warning: GPL [08 Jun 2006|08:45pm]

Sticker prominently displayed on the outside packaging of my new Linksys WRT54GL:


This product may contain material
licensed to you under the GNU General
Public License or other open-source
software licenses. Upon request,
open-source software source code is
available at cost from Linksys for at
least three years from the product
purchase date. For detailed license
terms and additional information look
at www.linksys.com/gpl/.

Not sure how I feel about us being on a warning label. The publicity is nice.

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Time to get down [08 Jun 2006|09:25pm]

www.wjsullivan.net and www.subdaypress.org will be down for a short bit tonight while I set up the new router. That won't affect this journal.

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