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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Wake-up call [09 May 2006|09:49am]

"Hey Johnny, it's Bill."

Why does my landlord always call me Johnny?

"Hi Bill. What's up?"

"Johnny, there's no water in the building. City main blew. You've got to go over to Cindy's building if you want to shower and stuff."

..Cindy's building?

"Uh, ok, Bill. Will the water be back on later today?"

"Yeah, or, well, we hope so. I'll leave a message on your machine with an update later. Ok, Johnny?"

..my machine?

"Ok Bill, thanks. Bye."

At about 4am last night I heard a very strange loud knocking sound. I thought it was just a train going by. I live very close to the tracks so I hear this all the time. I should have probably known that this was something different. Funny that I just watched the Sopranos episode from a few seasons back when Tony's hot water tank pops. So today as I head out I'm packing a toothbrush and toothpaste in my inside jacket pocket. I feel like a secret agent.

I just realized that I left my window open. It looks like it's going to rain. There may very well be some water in the building today.

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NFL and unions [09 May 2006|11:01pm]

Never really thought about this aspect of the NFL before, till I read this excerpt quoted at Freakonomics.

...the Economist ticked off the N.F.L.'s secrets to success, including: "The N.F.L. is also lucky - and its athletes much less so - because it is the most violent of the four sports. Since the average player does not last more than four years as a professional, labour strikes are difficult and the union is weak."

Back to listening to the hockey game. 3-3 Avs and Ducks.

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