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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Marathon Monday [17 Apr 2006|03:54pm]

From the MBTA web site:

In preparation for this year’s Boston Marathon, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will enhance service to accommodate the thousands of fans expected to attend the event...

... All buses and trackless trolleys will operate on a Saturday schedule.

Thanks for the "enhancements". Thanks to these "enhancements", my normal 25-30 minute commute only took about 70 minutes, and my usual waiting-for-the-bus time was enhanced to about 30 minutes from the usual 5-10 minutes.

I know, I should have enhanced my alarm clock so as to get up earlier and take the train. And I know, I didn't actually have to enhance my way to work today at all, because today is a holiday according to my employer. However, there are plenty of other people working today. And there's a ball game too.

At first I was mad because I thought they had enhanced the information on the web site after I had looked at it. But looking at my cached copy, I was mistaken about that. They announced from the very beginning that they were going to complicate my life. I just missed it.

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