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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Boog City reading [14 Apr 2006|11:45pm]

So yeah, the reading was good. It was part of a series called Boog City, which in each installment features an independent press not based in New York.

It was kind of also a reunion, as I got to hang with fellow Disembodied almuni Matt, Chris, Dave, Nikki, Bob, Sean.. I'm surprised a workshop didn't spontaneously erupt.

The reading gave me a kick to get some new things started, one of which I read but will be working on more because it kind of wilted in the sun. And there's a collaboration in the works. My reading was not as bad as it has been but still too fast and flat.

Matt read from Dear Jim (click around to find the rest of them), Bob read an essay about a Muslim fork in the road and a poem false cousin to houses, Sean read A Room of Trees and provided some meaningful emcee banter. Ellen Baxt put up with our chumminess and read some interesting stuff that coincidentally involved Portuguese.

Very lucky to have friends willing to put me up, put up with me, and laugh about it all. I think we've got some momentum going here, if only because we're out of beer.

The Sparrows, by the way, were good. Silly. Funny too. Check them out. (OMFG I just linked to myspace, first time ever.)

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