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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Going to Brazil [10 Apr 2006|06:37pm]

I'm going to Brazil. Porto Alegre. For work. In one week. For a week. Really looking forward to this, first time out of the country since I was 16 (excluding Canada). Nervous, bought a phrase book. Did not buy the Lonely Planet book because it looked boring and because the Internet exists and because I'm only there for a week. Unfortunately things have come together so quickly and strangely that I wasn't able to add a vacation on to the trip, but I'll be there an extra day or so. Figure out what I want to go see next time.

I hope my visa comes through in time. The only reason I had a current passport at all is I thought I was going to be moving to Zurich with S a couple years ago.

When booking things on Orbitz, do not try to book things for two separate people in the same browser session in separate tabs at the same time. There will be a war inside your cookie and nobody knows who will win. I nearly booked some stuff for myself for the wrong time due to this. The times on my final confirmation screen miraculously changed.

Is there any vegan food in Brazil? I sure hope so. I should probably figure out how to convey that idea without saying "I have come for your head on a platter" by accident. Maybe my phrase book will be hipster enough to include the lingo.

Need to figure out some other things, like whether their electrical outlets are compatible with US Americans, what the weather's like, and how I get money that other people will accept.

If anyone is going to be at the FISL, come by and say hello.

Tomorrow I am reading in NYC with Matt Langley, Bob Doto, and Sean MacInnes. Should be fun. Might post later about what I plan to read, since I've got to finalize that tonight.

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Greyhound tells you where to print your ticket [10 Apr 2006|10:07pm]

Just bought my bus ticket for tomorrow. I roll with Greyhound and Peter Pan—you won't find me on the Chinatown bus.

The Greyhound confirmation screen says this:

You must print ticket(s) at home or work. Please print only one ticket per page, do not print on the back of the paper. Proceed directly to the gate. Board your bus at the following station no later than one hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

(emphasis in the original)

I have to print my tickets at work or at home? What in the world are they talking about? I might be a rebel and print it at a friend's house, just to see what happens.

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