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Done reading [26 Mar 2006|11:18pm]

Back from the One Less reading in Williamsburg (near Northampton). Unfortunately there were only a few people there. A big small-town gasface to all you who did not come. Ok, not really. But I hope Dave and Nikki have some success in getting something going there, or in connecting with things that are already going on there. I fumbled through reading some poems and sat down and enjoyed hearing others do much better. It was good that we went ahead with it. Got to start somewhere. Just wish I'd been feeling more open at the time.

It was a fun visit, good dinner at Paul and Elizabeth's. Helped set up das PayPal, so you can now order issues of the magazine online.

Tuesday, April 11 is the reading in NYC. I better get on my agent about arranging my accommodations.

Off to buy some gold.

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