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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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One Less in the newspaper [23 Mar 2006|08:10pm]

One Less editors interviewed in the local paper. Good write-up, looking forward to the reading this weekend. Anyone in the Northampton area? You should go. There's a reading on Friday too, but I won't be at that one.

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T-Mobile, and the kicking of people whilst down [23 Mar 2006|08:37pm]

S and I finished the last of separating our things this week. It's not just dividing up books, music, furniture and kitchen stuff anymore. New technologies require new methods of separation. For example, we had to separate our cell phone plans, which had been together on a T-Mobile Family Plan.

Obviously this has all been a total bummer already. We delayed separating the cell plans because we are still friends and on good terms, and I was pretty confident that we were both going to get screwed in the move to individual plans.

Which we did. Paying more for less. But I wasn't counting on this little extra kick in the taco, which is that T-Mobile has stopped offering their GPRS service as a separate add-on. You now must purchase a plan option which includes the ever-so-useful HotSpots service. And the total cost of this plan is $10 more per month than the cost of the GPRS-only plan.

We both had the GPRS service, and in fact S was/is using it as her only home internet connection. I do use the GPRS a lot when I'm out and about, but given how poor it is in comparison to the kinds of high-speed data services that are being offered by other companies, I feel pretty bad about paying so much per month. My contract is up in September, and since the data connection is the main thing that I want out of my phone, I guess I'll be looking at different companies. Which is too bad, because outside of this, I've been happy with T-Mobile. It's nice that they only have 1-year contracts, for example, and that their politics seem to be substantially less evil than some of the other choices.

In the meantime, I'll just be spending a lot more time at Starbucks. Maybe I'll go find some airports to hang out in too.

If you have the GPRS service, now would be a good time to not call T-Mobile about anything for a while.

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