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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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The Horror of Blimps [17 Mar 2006|10:55am]

The blimp, which was up until this moment a fun toy, here embarked on a career of evil.

(via pll)

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He really was a Nazi [17 Mar 2006|12:01pm]

Levinas found these topics highly stimulating—as did an entire generation of German youth who, upon hearing "the rumor of the hidden King," flocked to attend Heidegger's lectures. In order to keep the throngs of eager students at bay, Heidegger often had to hold his classes at 7 AM.

I wouldn't have made it.

From a fantastic book review by Richard Wolin in The Nation, 2006 Feb 20, "Heidegger Made Kosher".

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