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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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DRM alive and well in France [12 Mar 2006|09:57am]

It was nice while it lasted.

French court rules against fair use for DVD copies.

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Rambling about Emerald Suspension and generated texts [12 Mar 2006|10:07am]

Saw this on Slashdot this morning, the band Emerald Suspension has an album out called Playing the Market which includes music generated via methods applied to different categories of economic data.

People interested in this kind of music who don't already know John Cage, Jackson Mac Low, and the Oulipo, should check each of them out.

Producing writing using methods was one of the justifications for my re-entrance to the world of computers and programming a few years ago. I think I'm nearly ready to start such a project. Or contribute to an existing one..

..and I just discovered Grand Text Auto (syndicated at _grandtextauto), which has to be one of the best names for a blog out there. Talk about making each word discount.

Hm, spooky. In the spirit of Mac Low, I just did a little bibliomancy with his book Bloomsday, and turned right to "Trope Market".

Can't end without mentioning Beard of Bees. I need to spend a lot more time checking out their work, and I also need to make contact with them when I have my work hat on, since they are committed to using GNU/Linux and free software for their production.

Who/what else do I need to check out along these lines?

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