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One of Google or I is stupid [31 Jan 2006|08:34pm]

Can someone please explain to me how I subscribe to a "Google Group" (also known as a "fucking mailing list") under an email address other than the one that is registered with my Google Account?

It looks to me like each Google Account can only have one email address associated with it. It also looks to me like there is no way to set the email address for mail delivery on a per-list basis. Ergo, if I want to subscribe to the django-users mailing list, which uses Google Groups, but I don't want to use my Gmail account for mail delivery, and my Google Account is registered to my Gmail address, then I have no choice but to create a new account just for that?

I really think I must be missing something here, but I'm starting to suspect that this is actually the way it is.

Oh, nice. I can't create a new account using the address I want, because that's the same address that is backing up my existing Google Account, and they won't allow two accounts to be linked to the same address. I've added the address I want to use under Accounts in my Gmail settings, and made it my "default", but I don't think that's going to help.

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