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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Over, and the weekend [22 Jan 2006|11:07pm]

I got some much needed rest, both mental and physical. I also got some work done, including putting together a quote for a freelance web job I hope to do in Python using Django. It will be a learning experience (and the learning part is not included in the quote), but I'm confident from what I do already know that I will be able to do it well, large stack of books by my side. I hope this will be the first (or second, depending on how you look at it) of many such jobs, though not too many, as I still intend to keep my current full-time employment.

Today I also met some friends for brunch at Veggie Planet. It was such a nice day that I walked to Watertown Square (with no coat on!) and took the bus from there to Hahvad. I don't remember the last time I walked enough to get a blister on my heel, but I earned one today. It was great to see TKP and MH. I hadn't seen either one of them for years. MH I hadn't seen for probably 9 years. Suddenly they live in Worcester. That's a lot closer than Bangladesh or Cameroon, or Seattle or Lansing.

It was good to see them also because I had been having sad thoughts about someone who I've been friends with for a very long time who has yet to return what I saw as an important phone call and letter from a couple months ago. This has happened before and I've just stuck it out until accumulating the energy to try again, sometimes getting an answer and sometimes not. But I've decided that I'm done. S used to talk sometimes about letting go of people who don't want to expend the energy to maintain a friendship. S and I had different standards on that question for sure, as I'm generally very willing to let people disappear and resurface and still have my loyalty and love --- but on the other hand, there are a couple of specific cases where I can tell that I'm lying to myself about that, and stuff is weighing on me as a result. Sometimes maybe I cling to the memory of friends for the same reason I don't get rid of old material stuff --- because I worry that I might never get more to replace them. That's not a good habit. So, I'm letting go of this one. See ya!

I worked yesterday on cleaning out some of that old material stuff too. The USS WJS feels a little lighter now, with some trash hauled out and papers shredded. It's also gotten a bit heavier with books, but that's a good kind of heavy. I've got new books by four favorite poets to read (Anselm Hollo, Ted Berrigan, Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery), not to mention geek "poetry" like Mastering Regular Expressions and Getting Things Done.

The biggest catastrophe of the weekend, other than both the Broncos and the Avalanche losing, was that I realized I bought some plane tickets to DC for the WRONG WEEKEND. It may be time to install a breathalizer on my laptop that prevents me from purchasing anything past a certain BAL.

I explored both the possibility of changing my tickets with Jet Blue and of persuading Congress to change the date of Presidents' Day, but failed on both counts, in both cases because I did not have enough money. It's going to work out ok, thankfully. If ML is reading, note that I'll be in DC from Feb 10 to Feb 13, and we should hang.

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