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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Thanks to Donald Watson, founder of veganism [09 Dec 2005|01:34am]

I didn't realize that veganism had a founder.

But now, he's dead.

I guess I should have realized that it had a founder. Everything has a founder, right? That whole original genius thing --- the Enlightenment, we're all about it, right? Or was that the Romantics. Anyway, Donald Watson died at the reasonable age of 95.

As with many things, being the founder of something may actually mean being the one who came up with the word for it. Despite the fact that I've been vegan for a good long time now, I have given exactly zero minutes of thought to wondering where the word "vegan" came from. Here's my answer:

The word vegan he took from the front and back end of "vegetarian", expressing his belief that this new, absolutist diet was in fact the first impulse and the final destination of the vegetarian journey. He asked for other suggestions, and "dairyban", "vitan", "benevore", "sanivore" and "beaumangeur" were offered, but most of the 25 members were happiest with vegan.

I like it. I'm also quite happy I don't have to end the sentence that starts with "I'm a" with any of those other words. I've thought previously that I didn't like "vegan" all that much because it sounded too much like "vulcan" --- people have actually flashed me the Spock --- but now I feel a lot better about it.

So, thanks, Mr. Watson.

On a side note, the article says, "His wife predeceased him" (emphasis mine). I've never heard that term before either.

Let's use something similar in a sentence. Boing Boing preposted me on this.

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In Detroit Dec 25-29 [09 Dec 2005|10:38am]

Tickets purchased, finally.

I'm flying into Detroit on Christmas Day, and back to Boston on Thursday the 29th. I hope to make it to Lansing sometime in there, preferably on Tuesday the 27th to catch the ACME Jam Company at The Green Door. Unfortunately my multi-city trip through Cincinnati didn't work, due to other people being more on the ball than me and snatching up the tickets, so I'll miss one family celebration. Tickets were mercifully cheap, which I needed, coming off the gangster shake-down that was my Thanksgiving travel.

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Yahoo buys del.icio.us, and not me [09 Dec 2005|05:16pm]

Yahoo buys del.icio.us.

<johnsu01> yahoo bought del.icio.us :/
<bpalmer> wow
<bpalmer> how much have they offered you for
          delicious.el ?
<johnsu01> I'm afraid I may have to start paying
           them for delicious.el

I'm hoping things will stay cool. But Yahoo already has this other very similar bookmarking service...

I'm also hoping to get some bugfixes and rewrites of bad old code done this weekend. At one time I had considered writing support for the de.lirio.us and MyWeb2 APIs into the client as well. Maybe it's time to look at that again.

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Day poem [09 Dec 2005|07:36pm]
2005 December 9, 6:57pm

Into the train gap
from platform
flick eyelash
and wish less
talking to, better
walking from

      cell phone alien
      lodged in foreground
      extending antennae
      head to satellites
      delayed in the sleet
      grayed sky rubs me
      going the wrong way,
      too late.

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