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Immortal Technique and football? [14 Nov 2005|12:54pm]

Why was Immortal Technique's Harlem Streets used as background music on Sunday during the CBS (I think, or was it FOX?) recorded interview segment with Trent Green regarding his father's death?

It went on for a couple of minutes. Just the music, of course, not the rhymes. This music is not exactly mainstream. Or did I miss this song making the spotlight at some point? On some soundtrack or something?

I'm not sure what this:

Working your whole life wondering where the day went
The subway stays packed like a multi-cultural slave ship
It's rush hour, 2:30 to 8, non stoppin'
And people coming home after corporate share croppin

..has to do with football or family members passing on, but it is a nice sad sounding beat.

I'd be pretty surprised to hear that he gave permission for this, but who knows, maybe he's a Chiefs fan.

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