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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Billy Collins on NPR [07 Nov 2005|12:23am]

I listened to Billy Collins on NPR.

It's strange how someone who talks so much about what makes poetry special ("the history of the human heart", oh my) can write poetry that sounds so much like nice prose.

The way he reads his work is very troubling, chopping the language up and often putting the emPHAsis in strange places in order to facilitate the hard-nosed imposition of rhythm on structures that don't really want it.

He's funny, though, and he does have some witty things to say about the current social context of poetry. I imagine him and Anselm Hollo would have a good time together, saying things to each other like, "The reason you want to carpe the diem is because you might not have many diems left!".

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