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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Netflix Reviews [06 Nov 2005|12:57am]
I'm new to Netflix. I finally decided to join after spending a few months in this apartment which is near everything I need in life except a video store.

After the previous two review entries here, I thought maybe I'd copy and paste them into Netflix reviews.

"All submitted reviews become property of Netflix."

That's not very cool. Not like my words are gold or anything, but I'm bristling at the unnecessariness of the requirement.
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GNU/Linux PVR on a laptop? [06 Nov 2005|05:08am]
Any suggestions for the best GNU/Linux-friendly TV hardware solution for my laptop? So, no PCI. It looks like none of the USB models are supported by MythTV. Information about PCMCIA card compatibility is hard to come by. I'd prefer USB anyway.

The most readily available seem to be the WinTV (Haupage), Pinnacle, and TV Wonder (ATI), all USB2 of course.

I just want to watch shows (monitor max res is 1680x1050), and do some timeshifting.

I'm not sure what "unsupported by MythTV" means for general compatibility.
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