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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Patriots practicing for the Falcons [08 Oct 2005|05:08am]
[ mood | amused ]

I guess someone's got to pretend to be him, but...

New England's backup quarterback, Doug Flutie, who has been playing the role of Vick this week in practice, says wins and losses are the statistics Vick should be measured by.

(via Boston Globe)

Doug Flutie as Michael Vick. Suddenly I'm a little worried about the Patriot preparations for this game.

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Police names [08 Oct 2005|02:36pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

It's weird to have a town named Freedom, because then you have the Freedom Police.

There must be other funny examples of _____ Police out there.

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I just saved on my terrorism insurance [08 Oct 2005|05:15pm]

From the Boston Globe, 2005 August 7:

More businesses in Boston buy terrorism insurance than in any other US city, according to a study by Marsh Inc., a risk management consulting firm. According to the report, 69 percent of firms in Boston have some form of terrorism insurance.

Why is that? Here's one reason:

...employers in Massachusetts and Connecticut are particularly reliant on the availability of terrorism insurance because those states have some of the highest state-mandated death benefits and workers compensation rates in the country, meaning a terrorist attack that killed or wounded thousands would result in far greater financial damages than in most other parts of the country.

So.. because people here cost more?

I'd love to get my hands on a copy of a terrorism insurance policy. I'd really like to see the language describing what it does and does not cover.

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