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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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DC Happenings [18 Sep 2005|07:27pm]

I've been in DC for the last two days visiting friends. The Amtrak train from Chicago was a relatively pleasant way to travel. We did roll in 2.5 hours late, but I was pretty much expecting that, so no big deal. Amtrak is in a tough spot --- we got stuck behind a broken down freight train. Then, once we were a bit late, the intended traffic patterns got all screwed up, and they have to yield to everyone who is on time, which made our train even later. I really wish we would invest more in our rail system.

Yesterday we had vegan cheese pizza at Ella's and saw some good jazz at a place called HR57. This morning we had a big vegan breakfast at Mark's Kitchen --- tofu scramble, grapefruit, bagel with tofu cream cheese, veggie bacon, home fries and coffee. Damn I wish Boston had better veggie food. After that we went to a sports bar and watched the Pats lose to the Panthers. The game wasn't televised on regular cable here. How can they not be showing the Patriots in the patriotic capital of our nation? Shame shame.

Painful game, lots of penalties for the Pats, and Brady was pretty rattled. Haven't seen him like that since that Monday night game against Miami last season. I question the officiating though too. Sure were an awful lot of penalties. The Panthers did also just look good, at least S Davis and J Peppers. Jack Delwhatever did not impress, just got lucky I think. Our special teams should receive a good tongue lashing post-game; they were awful. Things will get better.

Tomorrow, back to Boston via more trainage.

I'm bummed that I've been missing out on a bunch of important political happenings, but I guess I'll catch up.

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