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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Chicago Diner [17 Sep 2005|11:00am]

On Thursday, we ate at the Chicago Diner for lunch. It's all vegetarian and mostly vegan. I'll look up the location information later.

I started with a chocolate chip cookie dough "milk" shake. Can't say I've ever had one of those before. Real good.

My meal was Roasted Root Vegetable Hash. Their hash is a mix of potatoes and tempeh, and this version included roasted beets, turnips, and some other anonymous root vegetables. It came with biscuits and gravy, and scrambled tofu, and I added a side order of seitan sausage.

I thought the scrambled tofu would be like a side. In fact it was over a half pound of tofu. This is nearly a meal by itself --- at home for a quick meal for two I often make breaded and fried tofu using one pound, and serve it with cooked collard greens. It's a light dinner for two, but it's a dinner. So, over a half pound of tofu is a lot of tofu to eat for one person, especially when it comes with about the same weight of hash, not to mention the two biscuits with gravy and a seitan sausage round the size of two veggie burgers stacked on top of each other.

Their tofu scramble is plain; not much in the way of veggies. It's seasoned and heavily seared. Wouldn't be that exciting by itself, but it was a good accompaniment to the rest of the plate. The hash was good, the biscuits were a little dense but good, and the gravy was like momma use to make or whatever. The only disappointment was the seitan sausage, which was a) way too big and b) way too dry. The spices and the flavor were right, but the texture was a problem. (The leftover sausage tasted much better, since it was steamed a bit while reheating.)

I ate about half the plate and stopped to save room for dessert, which was a slice of Boston Cream Cake. No complaints here, it was great. S had the Cookies and Cream Cake, also great. We liked the desserts better than the desserts at the Candle Cafe in NYC, which is saying a lot. The cake was much lighter. I think it's better to give in a bit to crumbs than it is to be as dense as they do it at the CC.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll be back, a lot. There are still about thirty things on the menu I'd like to try. BBQ Wings!

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