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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Back, and testing [06 Sep 2005|04:00am]
[ mood | happy ]

After some fooling around with other ways of bothering people with my writing, I'm coming back to LiveJournal.

I spent today redoing my web site. I decided that as much as I love Plone, it's not really appropriate for what I want to do. So I've switched to a largely home-rolled system using Emacs and its Muse mode, and a much simpler look. I've embedded the LiveJournal, and will play some more with that and other style things soon.

I plan to import all of the posts I made when I was using Quills. But I'll backdate them appropriately, so they shouldn't clog up your friend page. Apologies in advance to the RSS readers, what can you do.

Anyone know what the deal is with HTML and posting by e-mail? I sent one post that came through; all the HTML tags were gone and things were formatted (though with way too much space between paragraphs), but the lj-tags and other headers at the beginning of the post body showed up literally in the post, instead of being interpreted. I'm going to test again, with this plain text post, and see if the headers work this time.

Ok, after the test, it's not the HTML screwing things up. It's the GPG signing. I tried a couple different ways of signing the post, but in all cases where the post came through, the headers were not interpreted.

I guess I can just use the PIN method. But, now, does anyone know how to get the HTML to work properly? If I edit the entry after posting it, I can turn text formatting to none, and then it looks right. But I don't see a way to set that via email, or a way to change the default so that it is none rather than auto. I guessed at a couple header possibilities, but no luck.

Update: Yes, this auto formatting has to come off. It looks terrible in the embedded version, even when it looks fine in the livejournal.com version.

Update #2: The trick is to use the <lj-raw> tag before the HTML text.

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Creamy dill dressing [06 Sep 2005|10:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Dressing Bottle

I won't buy this salad dressing again. Life is too short. It's a vegan version of creamy dill dressing, soy-based. My first issue with it is the texture. Yesterday I made myself some peanut butter toast, and the peanut butter was in fact thinner than this dressing is. That's why I couldn't make a sandwich and had to make just open-faced toast, because the peanut butter was on the thin side. They would do better to market this "dressing" as a spread. If I had used the dressing instead of the peanut butter, I could have made myself a sandwich, though not with jelly.

The flavor is also not good. It tastes like soy. Yes, I know it's made from soy. But the whole thing about making things from soy is that you have to make them not taste like soy. Otherwise you have failed. They have failed. I'm not being unrealistic --- last week I actually sampled a whole variety of vegan salad dressings for a company who is releasing a line of them. They had a creamy dill dressing, and it was good. (They also have a killer Wasabi Ranch.)

The (bad) brand is Nasoya. I'm still going to finish the bottle, because that's how I am.

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