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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Meet me on the Number 15 after school, punk [14 Jul 2005|11:13pm]

''It was horrible," Mallory-Causey said in an interview at the scene. ''It started out as an argument between the bus driver and this female, and it just escalated."

NPR wonders, how to make Boston's mass-transit system more secure.

Suggestion #1: Make the trains not run into the backs of one another, unless the order for "RAMMING SPEED" is given from personnel authorized to launch underground offensives against rogue operators.

Many in the Back Bay worried that Boston was under attack, given the terrorist bombings on the London transit system hours earlier. But the evacuation was the result of a Green Line trolley crash underground between Copley and Arlington stations...Like automobiles, Green Line trains have red lights in the rear to alert approaching trains or other traffic of their presence. Steve Nutter of Boston, riding in the front of the E line train, said he didn't sense any effort was made to stop as his car plowed into the B line train. "It was kind of strange because there was no braking involved," Nutter said. "At least that's what it felt like."

Suggestion #2: Stop drivers (or "motormen" as they are known in the biz) from brawling with the passengers.

Mallory-Causey said the driver closed the door so the woman could not escape the bus, but six men standing outside saw the fight and pried the doors open. "They pulled him out, but he was still holding on to her, so they whipped his behind," Mallory-Causey said. She tried to stop the fight, she said, but was unsuccessful. Instead, it grew into a brawl.

Do these Boston Globe articles require registration? If so, check out BugMeNot.

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