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Hair mayonnaise [02 May 2005|03:55am]

Can I get mine with mustard?

While shopping at CVS for a Mother's Day card tonight, I stumbled on this gem of a product, called Hair Mayonnaise. [ Picture of the Hair Mayonnaise jar ]

You can see how this would be particularly revolting to a vegan. I love olive oil --- but not with egg proteins and/or milk, and not in my hair.

I searched around briefly to see who else in the blogosphere might have mocked this product already, but all I found were places that sell it and testimonials to its effectiveness.

Until I stumbled on this, which is instructions on how to kill head lice --- by smearing mayonnaise all over your head. I couldn't, though, find any information about whether the official Hair Mayonnaise was recommended for this particular use.

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