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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Trying out Quills [01 Apr 2005|10:19am]
I'm experimenting with the other Plone blog product, Quills.

I wasn't entirely happy with SimpleBlog for a few reasons.

I ran into a couple of errors right off the bat. I didn't put any work at all into trying to get them fixed. They might be fixed in CVS, I don't know. I suppose there might be something wrong with my setup, but they didn't look like that kind of error.

The first error happened when I tried to add categories at a local blog level, and assign an entry to those categories. That worked ok, but then when I went to edit the entry after publishing it, I got an error message and could not edit it. My workaround for this was to specify the categories globally, which worked fine. That was ok for me, because the only blog here is mine, so there is no need for different category lists for different blogs.

The second error was a bit more serious, and happened when I tried to set up the blog summary page as the front page for the site. I followed the instructions on the SimpleBlog site, and copied the standalone template code, saving it as the index_html page. Error.

Also, I'm somewhat interested in the trackbacks and other bloggy things that SimpleBlog doesn't support, and Quill is beginning to.

So, I'm going to give Quill a try. I should still look into the SimpleBlog bugs and see if they have been reported and/or fixed yet and such.
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Driving to my new home [01 Apr 2005|10:23am]

An afternoon touring the lovely lanes of "suburban" Boston, trying to get a handle on where my new home is and how to get there by car.

I just got back from checking out the new apartment and picking up the keys. It looks pretty nice. They put down a new floor in the kitchen and bathroom for us (before they had carpet in those places!). This was my first chance to see it, and the floor far surpassed my expectations. They put some really nice tile in. I had to go over today because Speakeasy already delivered the modem and such to the new address. God they are on the ball. Didn't want that sitting outside for too long.

I didn't move over much of anything today, just a few paintings. We have the whole month to move, after all. I think we are going to do the majority of it next weekend. When I arrived, I was a bit surprised to see them still in there cleaning the place up and preparing it for us. Even though we did not plan on moving in today, I don't think we should be paying rent for a day when we could not have moved in. One day pro-rated rent is enough to have dinner out on, so I might raise the question with our new landlady.

Driving there from here is not fun. We know of course that driving in Boston sucks. But there are better and worse routes, and this is one of the worst I've been on as far as signage and traffic patterns go. Here are some helpful tips for those of you who may come visit me and rely on MapQuest for what we will refer to here out of convenience as "directions".

  1. You may see an instruction which says, "Continue to follow MA-16 W." What this actually means is, "Turn right on Mt. Auburn." Of course.
  2. Do not be fooled by the following: "Enter next roundabout and take 1st exit onto US-3 S/MA-2 E/CONCORD AVE/MA-16 W". This could explain why we have no street signs in Boston, because each street has approximately 5 names. Be aware that all of those names do apparently refer to a single street, and that you should not expect to see signs for any of them.
  3. I would like to provide a sensical explanation for how to return from my new place to my old place, but I'm afraid I have yet to figure one out. The directions here are just wrong, in so many ways that I cannot untangle them.
  4. Those of you hipsters who plan on rolling with the Google Maps directions, forget it. With each step, they become exponentially worse than MapQuest. They are a joke. For example, of the many names above for the one road, MA-16 is by far the most important one, as it is the only one for which you will occasionally see a signpost along the route. The Google Maps directions do not mention this road at all. In fact, if you were following the Google Maps directions and were on MA-16, you would be reasonable to think you were going the wrong way. Also, Google Maps does not mention helpful things like, "roundabout". Instead, it uses phrases like "Bear right", which in the context of a circular traffic pattern, makes no fucking sense at all.
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