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Robert Creeley [1926-2005] [30 Mar 2005|11:02pm]

From Charles Bernstein on the University of Buffalo poetics list:

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Robert Creeley, this morning, as the sun rose over Odessa, Texas, where he was on an extended visit. He was with his wife, Penelope, and his two youngest children, Hannah and Willie.

There will be time to say much more. For now those who knew him, through his work or as part of his life, will live this day in his honor and in his shadow.

As Bob would say, Onward!; but I, for one, falter.

Charles Bernstein

This is very sad news. I had the pleasure of seeing Creeley read at both Naropa and recently at MIT. At MIT he performed with Steve Lacy, who also died recently. To think of them both together, laughing and joking, and then both gone, is very disheartening.

He was a definite influence on all of my writing teachers and classmates; and both indirectly through them and directly through my own eyes and ears, on my writing as well.

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