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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Rugpissers II [21 Mar 2005|10:45pm]
I can't believe it, the landlord actually said yes to some version of the tile proposal.

So, they are going to put down some kind of appropriate flooring before we move in. Tile or linoleum. Whatever, it will be better than carpet.

Looks like we're moving to Newtonville.

They are going to raise the rent a bit to pay for the new floor. But, after the floor is paid for, they are insisting on lowering the rent back down to what it was! I'm still trying to figure out the motivation behind that one. I think we found a deal.

On a related note, we got a letter in the mail from our current landlord saying that he is going to raise the rent by $150 a month at the end of our current lease. Pfffft is what I have to say to that. He also said some things in the note that indicate that he would not even be willing to sign a new lease with us --- it would be month to month. So, I guess we had good instincts when we decided to start looking. He's not going to be able to rent this place for that much, but he may just be trying to get us out.

The Beacon Hill place was actually not bad. Gorgeous building up on top of the hill, second floor, upstairs from a nice market. But, it was still just a bit too small. It wasn't just the size of the place, but the fact that there were some pipes and heaters in some very unfortunate places that would make it real hard to fit any furniture at all in there. In fact, the current residents had almost no furniture. I was still tempted, just by the beauty of the neighborhood and the thought of being able to fucking walk to work.

I have some reservations about Newtonville, but I think in the end it will work out well, and there isn't much that's liveable in the Boston area at this price, especially not anything right across the street from transportation. I learned today that there is a local bookstore 0.1 miles down the street, so that's pretty cool. They even have a nice little web site.
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