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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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delicious_related.py [29 Nov 2004|07:44pm]

I've written a rough draft of my first pyblosxom plugin. It seems to be working, basically. It replaces a variable in each entry with a list of tags and links to those tags from my del.icio.us account that it thinks might be relevant. Right now, the way it decides what is relevant is very primitive. It just grabs a list of tags I've used via the del.icio.us API, then compares that list with the words in the entry being processed. A tag is considered relevant if the tag word appears in the entry. A user option determines how many tags are displayed. If this limit is set to 5, for example, then the 5 tags that appeared the most in the entry are displayed.

I have a number ideas for improving it. Optimizing the code. I'm a Python beginner, and the code is sloppy and disorganized. My emphasis was on just getting it to work first, with the idea of going back and re-structuring things later. I will also try to make it smarter at determining which tags might be relevant, and add in some more options, like regexp patterns to make certain tags never display. I hope to add a mapping option so that users can create their own lines of relevance.

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A different approach [29 Nov 2004|11:15pm]

Had a pleasant Thanksgiving in Florida, was somewhat overwhelmed by all of the spacious sweaty hotness of it all, all that land and all those houses and all those shiny cars, no signs of winter rust or salt-induced holes in the floorboards. Big cars and big roads, big bridges and big yards. Can't imagine having a winter there; I don't know why they bother to call it that other than to get along with everyone else. It turned room temperature outside and people put on sweaters and showed nasty blue icicle graphics on the weather channel. It's a different way of life, one with plants that don't come from where I come from. Instead of lots full of evergreen "Christmas trees", there were lots of what I would call palm trees, and be wrong, but correct in that they all look like palm trees to me when they are that gray-green and sheep-dog flappy. The kind of trees you could dust with.

Retreated to the frigid northeast and enjoyed immensely lugging the immense suitcase through the throngs of superior modes of transportation. Passed some time unpacking and reflecting and giving up on the novel, doing some programming and wondering what I get out of all of this. Ended up at the Comedy Connection to see John Heffron perform, a Last Comic Standing winner, someone from my generation and my neck of the most important woods on Earth. Phenomenal comedy, but I don't know why, I laugh myself silly at jokes that maybe are supposed to facilitate our along-gettingness, but that might make things worse if we want to go about things a different way. Do you know what it means when a woman leaves a full trash bag in front of the back door? Also funny was the crowd, whom I accused of being middle-aged before being rebuked by my companion. As white as snow, though. Color seems to be important when it comes to comedy, or maybe it's just Boston. I spent both testicles on some mediocre alcohol and enjoyed the sounds of my new shoes sticking to the floor on the way out. If there were a fire, everyone there would die. Unless you think that a 3.5 foot wide 50 foot long windowless hallway is an effective exit for a gaggle of amazed bystanders.

I liked Faneuil Hall on a Saturday night the same way I liked recess.

Tonight I poured my heart and soul into my Amazon Wish List, tiz the season to wish maybe people wouldn't buy me anything but a drink, but I do like books. Though my eyes hurt, I still feel lucky.

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