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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Professor Soprano [13 Oct 2004|11:21pm]
I missed almost the whole debate tonight. I read a little bit of The Life of Pi with S and fell asleep before the festivities began. Woke up in time to hear a very poorly worded question about unity. I believe the question was, "Senator Kerry, will you reunite this country, or what?" And then another question about strong women. God, jokes about women pushing their husbands and fathers around never get old.

Someone should tell me some positive things about Heinz-Kerry, because she has some pretty terrible investments, and since she helped finance the Kerry campaign, it reflects on him. She owns (last I checked) quite a bit of Wal-Mart stock, for example. That and her being just generally filthy rich bothers me. More precisely, the fact that she is filthy rich but continues to try and invest the money to make even more money bothers me.

Bush seemed like he was trying to be laid back and funny, which is how I predicted he would come out for the second debate, to counter the impression of him as a petulant and defensive child. Not my impression, mind you.

It's a shame that I didn't see more of the show, because I'm actually still undecided. Not between Bush and Kerry, but between Kerry and not Kerry. Things Kerry has said in the debates have actually made a difference to me. I've been very troubled by his militaristic turn (did you just say INCREASE defense spending?), but heartened when I hear him address specifics like stopping the bunker busters program.

And today, while catching up on some old Nations, I see this list of prominent supporters of the 2000 Nader campaign who are endorsing Kerry this time around. I kind of knew all these people were supporting Kerry, but seeing their names all together really has me thinking. David Barsamian, Thomas Berry, Wendell Berry, Grace Lee Boggs, Noam Chomsky, Jim Hightower, Joanna Macy, Manning Marable, Cornel West, Howard Zinn...

Of course, there's the whole "If everyone else jumped off a bridge..." thing. But, these are people whose opinions carry a lot of weight with me. Truthfully, if they all jumped off a bridge, I'd give it some thought.

So I'm giving it some thought.

In the mean time, there's Google fights.
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