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A couple of good films this weekend [29 Aug 2004|01:45am]

Garden State

Impressive effort, I think a first effort, by Zach Braff (think Scrubs). We were wondering afterward how much is autobiographical, because there are a lot of things in it that someone who had recently attained some kind of stardom might have experienced.

Two movies crossed my mind while I was watching this film: Outside Providence and Royal Tenebaums. Well, there was also Igby Goes Down, because they both used the same Cold Play song. What is it about that song? Seems to be the chosen tune to represent the angst of our times. I'll confess that it does put me in a mood.

There is some kind of stylistic discontinuity going on that I can't quite finger; it has to do with the presence of a lot of gags in the first half of the film, and the absence of gags in the second half of the film. The gags are damn funny though, and include riffs on the Clapper, diploma wall plaques, and dogs humping legs.

The Apartment

A dusty and enjoyable classic. Directed by Billy Wilder and starring a very young Jack Lemmon. A great film in its own right, but watching older movies, I am always on the lookout for differences between then and now. Like how they treat black people. How the characters court each other. What kind of frozen dinners they had. I am not suggesting that all of these things are on the same plane of significance, but I noticed all of them in this film.

I did not know that they had frozen dinners in 1960, to be honest. Jack Lemmon's character also mentioned frozen pizzas. Impressive.

Also, his rent for an apartment in New York City (a pretty sizable bachelor pad, large and dignified enough to be the main character in the movie), was less than one week of his salary as a clerk for an insurance firm. Currently, my half of our rent is a bit more than one week of my gross pay. This is depressing and upsetting.

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