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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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4 states, 2 days [23 Aug 2004|04:41am]
I flew with America West today.


They are stuck in the Thirld World terminal at the Detroit airport.

Dirty. I went to put my stack of magazines in the seat pocket. There were snotty kleenex still in there. I put down my tray table. It was covered with drink rings and sticky something.

Advertising. On the second flight, I put down my tray table. I was startled--literally---by a very colorful advertisement. I thought it was some kid's leftover happy meal tray cover or something. I tried to peel it off. But it was on there like an iron-on patch. I looked closer. It was a History Channel ad for a King Arthur show that aired in June. Wtf? It is things like this that make me crazy every time the airlines claim they need to be bailed out by the government, again. The best they can do for advertising revenue is educational television specials from 2 months ago? There was also the shock of seeing advertising in yet another place where I had never seen it before.

Dirty. After taking a sip of my ginger ale on the second flight, I set the cup down on King Arthur, but the cup stuck to my hand.

Not very safe. The America West person at the ticketing counter did not check my ID. I sat in the exit row with at least 3 people who, it seemed to me, could barely speak english. That's ok with me, but it is ostensibly a requirement that people in the exit rows be able to speak english. The woman next to me had a difficult time ordering 7-up in english. Then there were two people behind me (still exit row) who could speak english but were working very hard at getting drunk. The whole exit row thing is a little silly, dontcha think?


The plane remained in the air.

The landings were smooth.


Why is FLOTATION spelled that way? Why isn't it FLOATATION?

First impressions (on this trip) of California drivers:

What is wrong with your cops? A few minutes after leaving the airport on the highway, up ahead of me I saw a cruiser with flashers on weaving back and forth across all three lanes of traffic. I don't mean slowly changing lanes, I mean swerving back and forth. Apparently this is your way of slowing people down when road construction is approaching. I have logged many thousands of hours driving on highways in most of the continental United States, and I'd never seen this behavior before.
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