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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Two things. [19 Aug 2004|08:19pm]
2. This site is a directory of
invented languages. It's neat.

1. Anyone know how to put Thinkpad keys back on? If you remember that
USB keyboard I was struggling with a while back, well it is basically
a Thinkpad keyboard for the desktop. Or to plug into your Thinkpad
when you're at your home base. Anyway, the other day some pebblish
thing rolled off my desk and into the keyboard and immediately got
lost under A. So, the A would only work intermittently. I put up with
it for a while, but since I do a whole lot of C-a'ing, it drove me
crazy pretty quickly. I shook the keyboard around a bit, and blew some
air in it, and the object rolled under Caps Lock. This was actually
more annoying, since Caps Lock is control for me. So I popped off the
Caps Lock key, and dumped the little pea out. Now I can't get the Caps
Lock keycap back on. And I don't really understand how the mechanism
works. I haven't been able to find any diagrams or anything
online. There is a thin metal wire shaped like a wide U with a flat
bottom. There are two eyes on the keyboard into which the open ends of
the U fit nicely. The flat bottom of the U clicks into some little
hooks on the keycap. But that's not enough. The keycap sits all wobbly
on top of the plunger, and is completely ineffectual. Something else
needs to hook or snap. Or did I break it? Help.
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