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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Shutting Down [23 Jul 2004|08:04pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Just about to roll up my sleeves and do some computer surgery. Well, I shouldn't make it sound like a big deal. Only putting in a new(used) hard drive and a USB PCI card. But, it's scary because my computer is old and has issues like a loose CMOS battery that can really cause some trouble. And, I haven't rebooted in: 97 days, 22:13, so who knows. I don't really even remember if things boot up properly. We'll find out.

Putting in the USB card so I can use my new keyboard, which arrived today. Looks like just what I wanted, which is a ThinkPad keyboard for my desktop.

The hard drive will bring me close to 10 GB. Yes, that's right, at the moment, your Gmail account has as much storage space as my hard drive.

Had an incredibly frustrating conversation with Verizon tech "support" today. It lasted from 9 to after 11, minus 20 minutes for me to be on the subway. The conclusion was that they just flat out refuse to acknowledge my issue, which is that their web hosting system doesn't fucking work. My page comes up 404 and 423 pretty regularly. That's why sometimes images here don't show up, because they actually reside on my web space, and my web space frequently doesn't work.

Their response this time was that there is a problem with my code.

That's funny, because a JPEG has fuck-all to do with my coding skills or lack thereof. Yet a link directly to a JPEG often fails to work.

Also, we are talking here about XHTML. The W3C validator seems to think the code is just fine. Besides, what piece of code is it that makes a page come up 404 sometimes (um, or ever) and 423 sometimes, but work other times? Answer: Verizon's web server code.

They also suggested that maybe I was over my bandwidth limit. I said, well you tell me if I'm over my bandwidth limit. The guy changed the subject! I am not over my bandwidth limit. The page is nearly all text and no one reads it.

Their solution? Delete everything and re-upload the files. Ok, I did that. We'll see what happens. Of course it won't work.

Shutting down now. When I come back, maybe I'll write a little about Verizon's campaign contributions.

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