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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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MBTA art [22 Jul 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | creative ]

At least there's some "resistance" going on. A friend took this picture on a Red Line train the other day.

I think they should have turned the ring around the T into a magnifying glass, but it's still pretty cool.

[ Image of a bumper sticker across the eyes of a woman in an ad on a subway car that says SUSPECT with the T as the MBTA symbol. Under that: Paranoia is not a policy. ]

But, they started searching bags today on the commuter rail.

They say they are not profiling, because they specifically search every 11th person to board the train.

Obviously, this is false.

Example: I am getting on this train. I do not want to be searched. I deliberately, in full view of the police, step out of the line so as not to be the 11th person, then step back in line as the 12th person.

I would expect them to then search me, due to my suspicious behavior.

See? Suspicious behavior. Somehow, it always comes back to that. As long as they have that justification at their disposal, searches will never be random. Maybe they shouldn't be random. But the justification and criteria should be honest and subject to scrutiny.

While I'm here, I need to mention the protest zone by the Democrat National Convention. It will be surrounded by chain link fence covered with black netting and topped with razor wire. I don't have the story handy, but I am not making this up.

I find the concept of a protest zone disgusting, but I could live with them. But this is not a protest zone, this is a prison.

I think the way to crash the protest zone system is to overload it. Don't protest the conditions. Just show up. If everyone shows up, and the zone cannot hold the protestors, and they try to turn people away, then I think there is a clear First Amendment case. Each person has a right to protest. Just because there are already a bunch of other people there does not mean that your right goes away. These aren't Red Sox tickets here. So, let's go.

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