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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Slow Sunday [11 Jul 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

If I could spend just a few more minutes on the phone with Verizon technical support, my day would feel complete.

My homely home page is hosted on their web space, which is supposed to be a part of their DSL package. Well, when you try to load my page, one of 4 things happens, listed in order of frequency: 1) It comes up 404 2) It comes up 423 "Locked" 3) It renders in a way I can't even explain, I guess without using the style sheet 4) It works.

They have been unable to explain this problem. It has been going on for months, but I just called about it a week ago. Last week they told me it was a result of temporary server maintenance. Today they are offering no explanation at all. They told me to sign in to my DSL connection under one of the other user names on the account. What that has to do with my web page on their server and how it is viewed by everyone else on the Internet, I have no idea. Real close to switching to Speakeasy at this point, or at least finding some real web hosting. Thing is, I don't really need real web hosting. And Speakeasy is more money, which is unfortunately an issue for at least a while longer.

I am starving and I need to take a shower, and I can't do anything until Verizon cuts me loose (I'm on hold).

I did virtually nothing so far today. I piddled around on my computer. I got VNC set up so that I can be seated at my desktop but run heavier applications from my laptop, which is a much better machine. VNC seems to work better than doing it via SSH -X. I ordered a USB PCI card for my desktop so that I can a) Enter the 20th century and b) Get a nice keyboard. I put a bid in on an IBM Ultranav. I use a Dvorak layout, but don't really care if the keys are printed that way. If anyone has suggestions for good keyboards under $100, I'm all ears. I really like the trackpoint and the Thinkpad feel in general.

Last night I played Cranium with some friends. Not a bad board game. You get to do things with clay, which is fun. It also has elements of Trivial Pursuit, Charades and Pictionary. I discovered that I am really bad at humming tunes and guessing hummed tunes, which is another part of the game. That's too bad, because I paid a few thousand dollars in graduate school tuition to take some ear training classes. I did play the piano for a while today. I've been better about practicing in general the last few months. I am back to just learning songs from sheet music again. Jazz improvisation is such a challenge that I have to take a break and go back to just reading music every now and then.

This fucking Verizon hold music is giving me acid flashbacks.

I did do some work on my web page on Friday, or was it Thursday. And I set up Ledger, a command-line double-entry accounting program that I'm already pretty fond of.

Ok, finally Verizon created a ticket for me. It only took an hour for them to do that. And now I have to wait God Knows how long for a return call from their technical support. I am hanging up the phone now and going to do some exercises to uncramp my neck.

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