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Mouse Pointer [04 Mar 2004|08:25am]

I guess this could conceivably help someone.

I use FVWM2 as my window manager. I recently downloaded the fvwm-themes package and have been playing with that. Very nice, but when using Mozilla Firebird (or whatever it's called now---Firefox?), my mouse pointer/cursor was turning white whenever it was over the Firefox window. This wasn't good since the background in the window is often white. So it was pretty hard to see what I was pointing at.

I'm sure that like anything with GNU/Linux, there are 6.2 guzillion ways to fix this, but here's one. In .Xdefaults, add:


Now the pointer is sort of funny looking, but at least it's black and I can see where I'm going.

Next problem on the agenda, fonts. Things were great, then things were bad, then things were great, now things are bad again.

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