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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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My Vactaion [02 Mar 2004|08:47am]

I miss writing those "essays" we used to be assigned on the first day
of school after a vacation. I miss writing "MY SPRING BREAK" at the
top of a wide-ruled notebook page and turning it in for a letter
grade. Or a check plus, check or check minus. It's all part of my
Pavlovian connection to red pencil. Did I spell Pavlovian right?
Please, here's a red pencil, do your worst.

Nobody at work asks me to write anything like that. Is there a job
where this type of reporting is an important responsibility? I'd like
to apply.

My vacation was great, thanks. Florida is nice for short periods of
time. Although when we arrived last Friday, the temperature was in the
50s and I believe Jeb had declared a state of emergency. There may
have actually been a moment when the temperature in Florida was the
same as the temperature in Boston. The end is indeed nigh.

The whole trip started with a 4 AM cab ride to Logan. I nearly fell
out of the cab, because as we pulled away from our house, I realized
that the cabbie was listening to Hotel California. If this is not
funny to you, then you need to watch more movies. I had to clamp my
hand over my mouth in order to avoid blurting something like, "Look
man, I've had a really bad day, and I hate the fucking Eagles!" I have
no doubt the cabbie would have slammed on the brakes and thrown us out
of the cab.

Tomorrow (maybe): Changes in Airport Etiquette Of Which You Might Not
Be Aware

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