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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Place to order vegan treats [21 Feb 2004|02:00am]
[ mood | Hungry ]


If you are interested in vegan treats like cookies and brownies, I recommend Allison's Gourmet . Amazing. Especially right now---the chocolate-cherry brownies are just about the best thing I've had.

Good cookies, too. Fortunately, I have an aunt that, because she worries about me getting enough to eat as a vegan, finds these places and orders food for me from them.


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Was this my fault? [21 Feb 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | Sad ]


As far as megacorporations go, I have talked myself into thinking that IBM is a pretty good one. They seem to have a reasonable position on Free Software, for example. I own a Thinkpad. I like it.

But then I read things like this, which are a reminder that maybe there is no such thing as a good megacorporation.

"When Heather Curtis took a factory job at IBM in 1980, the pregnant, 22-year-old was assigned to dip silicon wafers into acids and solvents as part of a process used to make computer chips."

"Despite complaints that fumes from the job gave her headaches and a sore throat, IBM assured Curtis her workplace was safe, according to her lawyer. Months later, Curtis gave borth to a daughter so severely deformed that she lacked knees and had a skull too small to accomodate her brain."

Well, this was 1980, so at least I know she wasn't making _my_ computer.

I like computers, but I really don't know what to do about their seedy underbelly---the environmental damage their manufacture and disposal causes, and the energy they use.

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