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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Nightly News [12 Feb 2004|12:10am]

From the Boston Globe 2-08-2004:

"A second American paid a hefty fine for making an obscene gesture during fingerprinting procedures for US citizens in Brazil, police said yesterday."

The fine was $17,200 for raising his middle finger when he was fingerprinted and photographed.


From the Boston Globe 2-08-2004:

Rumsfeld is sticking by his story.

"Rumsfeld said Iraq triggered the war because of Saddam Hussein's 'deception and defiance. It was his choice. And if he had chosen differently---if the Iraqi regime had taken the [disarmament] steps Libya is now taking---there would have been no war.'"

This is interesting. If Saddam had just disarmed like Qadafi, then there would have been no war. In other words, if Saddam had just gotten rid of his weapons of mass destruction, there would have been no war.

Wait a second. This just in:


So how is it again that he could have disarmed to avoid the war?

They very well may turn up some weapons before the election. However, the length of the search so far already proves that these weapons, when they are found, were not in any deployable or threatening state. And I'm actually thinking that they are just not going to find them, because I'm actually thinking that these weapons just aren't there.

Has Rumsfeld admitted any mistake throughout this whole process? Whether or not you agree with the whole agenda, the US plans have obviously not been implemented perfectly. But I can't recall Rumsfeld ever admitting that anything at all could have been done better. This is the kind of oppositional model our political system inspires, the kind that makes it so that noone can admit even the slightest mistake or error without damage to their credibility. And here I am contributing to that model by being a sarcastic jerk. I'm sending myself to bed with no Bombay Classic.

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